Design Service

With over two decades of experience behind us, Woodpecker Floors & Tiles have provided tiles and flooring to a huge range of customers, in which time we have gained valuable knowledge and insight into the demands of our customers. We have a dedicated team available to assist you in choosing the right tiles and/or flooring for your property. We work closely with each customer we see, using our knowledge and experience to form a tailored solution, ensuring the customer’s specifications are met when choosing the right products.

If you’re interested in our design service contact Woodpecker Floors & Tiles now or visit our showroom.

Design Considerations

When choosing tiles and flooring for your property it is important to make some prior considerations in order to ensure you choose the right product.


You should consider where your new tiles and/or flooring are going to be placed before making any decision. Some products will look better in different situations, e.g. mosaic tiles often work well in bathrooms, particularly around showers.


The cost of your new tiles and/or flooring will vary depending on the product you have chosen. We have a huge range of tiles and flooring available, and can help you with choosing options to suit your budget.


Some of our products are more durable than others. You should consider how much your new tiles/flooring will be used before making a purchasing decision.